The Role Of The Steward

The Steward board should be the Pastor’s cabinet and should handle anything that comes under spirituality.

They are comprised of men and women who are members in good and regular standing.

The number of members on any board can be no less than three or no more than 19 on one particular board. It is not uncommon for larger churches (2,000 members or more) to have multiple boards.

The Steward board is the spiritual officers of the church whose primary role is to serve three tables: The Lord’s Table, The Table of the poor, and The Pastor’s table.

They are responsible for providing elements for communion and making estimates for the support and expenses of the ministry. 

The Spiritual Duties Of The Steward Board

The Duties of the Stewards are indeed many. A Steward must be spiritual enough to be diverse in their duties and responsibilities, be responsible in their role as a spiritual adviser to the Pastor, and have acumen as it relates to administrative duties.

Stewards are to occupy the Pulpit. In the absence of the Pastor, Stewards can serve communion to the sick and shut-in and the congregation for once the elements have been consecrated by an Elder, Stewards can perform this task.  

Stewards should assist Class Leaders, in performing their duties, and should always be prepared to lead devotion.

The Administrative Duties Of The Steward Board

The Steward board must also understand their duties as it relates to the local structure of the church. The Steward board is the only board in the church that constitutes a governing board by themselves whenever they are in an official setting; when a decision has been made about a Pastor’s salary no other body in the church can overrule their decision.

The Steward board should assist the Pastor in hiring certain staff, i.e. musicians, secretaries, Executive Ministers, etc. In addition, they should also be responsible for making sure that certain operation manuals are in place i.e. employee manuals, etc.

Chairman Pro Tem
Glenn Sowells

Pastors Steward
Brother Willis Carter